Using the literature

Using the literature

The literature cited in the Discussion needs to be selected to agree or disagree with claims about your results. It has a more specific function than the literature cited in the Literature Review. But you have to convince your reader that the reasoning behind your claims is supported, as shown in the following examples.

Degrees of confidence about claims


In the Discussion you will be making claims about the implications or applications of your findings. They will vary in the degree of confidence you attach to them and the degree to which you wish 'your voice' to be heard. You will need to use the language of modality to express degrees of certainty about your claims. You may also have more generalized claims in your Conclusion



Discussion of limitations

This may be realized as a separate sub-section of the Discussion (more generalized) or be dispersed throughout the Discussion (more specific). Its purpose is to provide explanations for problems with Methods or Results and suggest reasons for the limitations of the findings.