Acknowledgements from the Project Team

IWrite is a collaborative project among Learning Centres and discipline staff from the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies at the University of Sydney and the Faculty of Engineering at the University of New South Wales. Technical development has been provided by staff from the School of Electrical and Information Engineering, the University of Sydney. Funding for iWrite has been provided by the Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) in Higher Education, formerly the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC). Early funding for the project was also provided by the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies, the University of Sydney.

The project team would like to thank the many people (academic staff and students) who helped the team develop the different components of this website. Without their discussions, advice, resources, and assignments, the project would not have been possible.



OLT PROJECT 2014/2015


  • Rafael Calvo (Electrical and Information Engineering, University of Sydney)
  • Sarah Howard (Education, University of Wollongong)

Project Management:

  • Hamed Monkaresi (University of Sydney)

Technical design and development:

  • Rafael Calvo, Hamed Monkaresi

Participating staff in University of Sydney:

  • David Lowe
  • Helen Drury

Participating staff in University of NSW:

  • Iain Skinner
  • Pam Mort

Participating staff in University of Western Sydney:

  • Jonathan Tapson
  • Erika Matruglio

Project members 2013-14

Project members 2011-12





WRiSE Engineering report writing tutorials:

University of Sydney, Learning Centre: Helen Drury, Janet Jones, Peter O'Carroll

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies

David Airey, Tim Langrish, Howard See

University of New South Wales, Learning Centre: Pam Mort

Faculty of Engineering: Paul Hagan

Technical development: Kathy Kuzmanovic, Biological Sciences, University of Sydney

Glosser: write - reflect - polish.

Project funded by the Australian Research Council

Rafael A. Calvo, Kalina Yacef, Peter Reimann

Stephen O'Rourke, Marco Garcia, Daniel Schragl, Ming Liu


Project funded by the Faculty of Engineering and IT, University of Sydney

Rafael A. Calvo, Stephen O'Rourke, Marco Garcia

Information Literacy resources

University of Sydney Library.